According to Japan’s New Huaqiao Online Newspaper, in the minds of some PRCs, Japan is a very sexually liberal country with unique attitudes about sex.

Many PRCs think that Japan is a place where sexual harassment often occurs, and that this kind of behaviour is known as “chikan [pervert] behaviour”.

These PRCs thought that sexual harassment in Japan is insignificant to the point where you can boldly just “give it a shot” while traveling around Japan. However, their actions have led to serious consequences, from being fined to jail time.

Information from Japanese police revealed that 3 Chinese tourists were recently detained in succession for violating the “Confusion Prevention Code”. They are suspected of sexual harassment and were considered by police to have been caught red-handed and thus arrested.

Among them, one used a mobile phone camera to take an underskirt photo of a woman on an escalator in a mall, one lifted up the skirt of a female passenger while riding a tram, and one man groped a woman’s buttocks while shopping in an adult products store. Although the acts of the three men were different, they all met the same result — being grabbed by their victims and held until police arrived and arrested them at the scene.

According to Japan’s “Confusion Prevention Code” Provision 8, “Perverted Behavior” is punishable by 6 months in prison or a fine of 500,000 Yen. Secretly taking pictures is punishable by one year in prison or a fine of 100,000 Yen and punishments increase for repeat offenders. According to Japanese criminal law regulation 176, in relation to “forced molestation”, the offender can be imprisoned between 6 months and 10 years. After police verify a case, they will first detain the offender. The offender can then choose their own lawyer, or the Japanese government will provide one. In cases where the victim is not willing to settle, the offender will be punished severely in accordance with related laws.

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