IDA has released a statement on the case of Ms Nisha Padmanabhan who has obtained a Master’s degree from an alleged degree mill. IDA said, “She was recruited because of this bachelor’s degree, extensive past work experience and good track record.” It added, “Nisha pursued an MBA out of personal interest, and it was not a relevant certificate for her position in IDA though she was about the fact that she had obtained it.”

While IDA is “continuing to look into the matter”, it is clear for Singaporeans to see that integrity is the issue here. Is the IDA even aware that integrity is the first and foremost value of the Singapore public service?

Even if Ms Nisha was not hired on the MBA, what does it tell you if an employee is listing a fake MBA from an alleged degree mill as one of her qualifications? One can only conclude that she is dishonest and she tries to capitalize and milk any opportunities she comes across. Would you want such a person in your organisation? Would you trust such a person in carrying her duties with integrity or is she someone who is easily corrupted?

It is stated on Singapore Public Service website:

“”Integrity” serves as the core of our beliefs and is the underlying foundation upon which the mission, goals and beliefs of the Public Service stated within the corporate statement are built…Integrity enables us to safeguard the sovereignty, independence, security and prosperity of Singapore, and uphold justice and equality. Furthermore, the Singapore Public Service commands a high level of trust among our citizens and foreign investors because of our integrity. Thus, it is imperative that the Public Service maintains this high standard of integrity in our conduct.”

It appears that IDA is dragging its feet on the case of Ms Nisha as it has been more than a week since this issue came to light. The IDA needs to be transparent and accountable to the Singapore public. Ms Nisha should be suspended with immediate effect pending further investigations.

ASS Reporter Jason

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