Dear Editors,

I wish to share some common misconceptions about homosexual people. Hopefully this will raise awareness and allow people on both sides of the fence to understand the opposing perspective.

1) There is a gross misconception that Gay parents = Paedophile who prey on young innocent children.

Please, heterosexual parents are also guilty of sexually abusing their children. This has nothing to do with sexual orientation but ones own depravity.

2) There is misinformation claiming that Gay parents would brainwash their kids into being gay. This is definitely false because if this was the case, I wonder how much gay porn a straight person has to consume to became gay. I’m “sure” that’s how straight parents manage to produce gay children!

That said, I see why anti-gay people are using such logic. Because other than these fallacies, the only other argument they can give is a religious one. Because who else in their right mind would like to say things like homosexual people should not be allowed to reproduce.

As long as they are capable of being responsible parents, it shouldn’t matter. They may be raised by a gay couple but that doesn’t mean they’ll turn out gay.

If that is the common assumption, then why are there gays from heterosexual marriages?

In the end, if the son feels an attraction to girls, then he’s straight but if the gay couple tries to force their son to be gay, then this is where we have a problem. If not, there should be freedom to choose their partners without restriction.

Pro-LGBT people have to accept the fact that there are anti-gay people out there who are against homosexuals because it is a very primal, visceral response.

Proving them wrong will not change their minds. Showing them some kindness may go a longer way.

A.S.S. Reader

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