Hi Amos

Thank you for speaking up and I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been remanded.

Rest assured, there are Singaporeans who strongly feel that “justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done”. And so you will see in your POSBKids account a lucky number 8888, my small contribution. If I were wealthy, there would be no decimal point in between the figures. : ( Even if you will not be using this for your legal fees, take it as a gift for showcasing our pseudo democracy to the world.

Singaporeans who want change cannot simply sit back and hope that somehow, someone will come out from somewhere and the abusive PAP will be history. I hope others will support you in whatever ways they can.

My second child is coincidentally going 17 and he has also seen through his Social Studies propaganda. The PAP should take note – our youths are not daft.

I hope you do understand the anxiety of your parents. Although you will ultimately follow your heart, do not lose communication with them.

You have hit a raw nerve, the consequences which were unimaginable only weeks ago. According to PM Lee, the PAP was supposed to be fixing only opposition MPs in parliament and thinking about buying its supporters over. But since it lost total control of the media, ordinary citizens/bloggers have become fair game.

PAP has mistakenly believed that fixing you and others like Roy, Han Hui Hui or even the Workers’ Party will prevent the rot from surfacing. But it will not and the internet is here to stay.

Charging you under the Sedition Act has revealed how fragile Singaporean minds are – adults and senior citizens are easily wounded by a 16 year old’s video rant. PAP’s 50 years of nation building is a flop.

I do not think it’s fair that you were slapped with the Sedition Act while others have gotten away scot free. Something is seriously wrong with a country which allows a teenager to be remanded in jail because a few intolerant adults ran to make a police report. Such a system must change.

From your videos, you are clearly more intelligent, articulate and mature than your peers. Society is not ready to accept your ‘mad brilliance’, and it’s a shame that you have to pay the price for free speech.

It is a positive sign that you and other youths are standing up and charting your future. It is your right to reject a dictatorial system.

LKY’s legacy of zero transparency and no accountability have no place in your future, the future of our country.

Do reflect and stay strong because our decadent society needs change and citizens like you.

Take care.

Phillip Ang

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