Hello, after I posted the update on Amos yesterday to state that PAP supporters are conducting a coordinated campaign to malign Amos, they changed tack after that.

There were still clear PAP supporters who would comment on my Facebook postings about Amos to criticise him – these profiles who criticised have postings of the photo of the black ribbon of Lee Kuan Yew or postings in support of the PAP on their Facebook.

But yesterday, there were a new group of PAP IBs (insurgents sent by the PAP) who pretended to support Amos but left negative comments.

I have since deleted these comments and blocked those profiles, many of which are also new profiles created just to criticise. The reason I do so is because these profiles were intentionally trying to malign Amos, without commenting fairly. They do not add to the conversation except with the intention to discredit.

(1) Why are PAP supporters coordinating backend how they can attack Amos online? Why do they see a need to send out a group of profiles to criticise Amos with the same messages? Why are the PAP supporters trying to steer the conversation to be against Amos? What is their agenda?

(2) These PAP supporters would come out in force to criticise Amos for speaking insensitively about religion but they have kept quiet about another (now ex-)PAP member who had commented on a picture of Muslim students and said, “Bus filled with young terrorist trainees?”.

In fact, when Lee Kuan Yew also made racially-insensitive remarks, did the PAP supporters coordinate a campaign to criticise him? Mr Lee had said, “I think we were progressing very nicely until the surge of Islam came, and if you asked me for my observations, the other communities have easier integration — friends, inter-marriages and so on – than Muslims.”

Why then was Lee Kuan Yew not charged with making “remarks against Islam, with the deliberate intention of wounding the religious feelings of Muslims in general”.

But Amos was.

(3) The PAP supporters also taunt online and asked why people did not post bail for Amos when the $20,000 does not have to be paid upfront. However, as I had mentioned, Amos’s bail conditions were made intentionally harsh. He was not allowed to post or comment on anything, either directly or indirectly, otherwise his bailer would have to pay the $20,000. Such bail conditions are unreasonable and cannot be fulfilled.

These PAP supporters thus kept taunting others, knowing that the bail conditions are ridiculous.


(A) If the bail conditions are unreasonable, shouldn’t we question the conditions? The PAP supporters did not do so.

(B) In fact, some of these IBs also insisted that the bail conditions are fair.

(C) Moreover, the PAP supporters insisted that Amos should be criminalised because he made religiously sensitive remarks. But did they ask for Lee Kuan Yew to be charged and jailed for making similarly seditious remarks?

Most importantly, why are the PAP supporters running a campaign against Amos?

Finally, Amos is a child. Would the PAP ministers and members of parliament let their children go to jail for making such comments, let alone when even PAP ministers and members of parliament are not even charged for doing so.

The PAP is not a fair party. It is not a fair government.

We have to demand the Singapore government #FreeAmosYee now.

Please speak up.

When the PAP arrested more than 100 Singaporeans and detained them without trial on fabricated charges in 1963, I asked an 80-year-old lady recently why no one spoke up at that time.

She said that people were scared. If they had spoken up, they might be arrested and detained by the PAP and no one would know.

But today, we have the Internet. If the PAP does anything against Singaporeans, we will all know.

They couldn’t speak up in the past because they did not know what the PAP would do and how they would arrest even more innocent Singaporeans.

But today, the PAP should not be allowed to do something like that. Yet, they are doing so. By not speaking up and keeping quiet, we are party to the PAP’s wrongdoings. We are allowing the PAP to continue hurting Singaporeans.

If we stand up for one another now, there is nothing the PAP can do. They cannot keep attacking us.

Will you do so now? We have to fight for one another.

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