IKEA Singapore said today that it is reconsidering its support for a magic show staged by senior pastor Lawrence Khong who is an outspoken critic against homosexuals.

Gay rights groups had protested a move by the company to lend support to the show after an advertisement showed that the retailer’s membership programme, Ikea Family, is one of the supporters of Khong’s magic show in July.

Ikea Family members can obtain discounted rates for Mr Khong’s show, Vision, which stars himself and his daughter Priscilla.

But Ms Jean Chong, the co-founder of women’s gay rights group Sayoni, said that Ikea’s support for the event “raises the question if Ikea is truly committed to diversity worldwide”, according to an article published on international LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) news portal Gay Star News.

In response to comments posted by supporters of LGBT rights, “We are really sorry for the unhappiness this has caused. We have taken it to our management and they are reviewing it. We’ll come back when we have more information.”

IKEA informed Gay Star News over the weekend that Ikea Family is promoting the show on its website, but not funding it.

“Vision is offering our Family members a discount on tickets to a theatrical illusion performance that offers high family entertainment value,” she said.

Mr Khong, the 63-year-old senior pastor of Faith Community Baptist Church, has been outspoken about his views against homosexuality. Last year, he pledged support for a Islamic religious teacher’s campaign to “wear white”, in protest against the annual LGBT picnic Pink Dot.

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