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After netizens exposed an IDA staff Nisha Padmananbhan for having a fake MBA from Southern Pacific University, IDA refused to tackle this important issue head on. Instead they said that Nisha was hired based on her Bachelor's degree and her fake MBA was not taken into account.

However IDA fail to see that this is not a qualification issue but an integrity issue. How can you hire a person who buys an MBA from a degree mill? Is a staff with such questionable integrity good for the public service? How can we trust the public service if your staff has a lack of integrity. Moreover, this is a foreign talent who is supposed to have skills that Singaporeans do not possess. 

Today, IDA decided to stick their head into the sand and released a Facebook statement saying that they will start "moderating" comments on the bogus degree issue. They said:

"Hello everybody, we understand your sentiments and concerns and we are continuing to look into the case concerning Nisha Padmanabhan. Meanwhile, if you have further comments to share on this matter, we seek your understanding to leave them on this post or email to us via [email protected] Moving ahead, we will be more actively moderating comments on the rest of our Facebook posts to let the discussion remain civil and constructive. Thank you for your patience on this matter."

Is this the kind of response Singaporeans expect from IDA? As to why IDA still insist on looking into the case concerning Nisha Padmanabhan, one netizen had this to say: "Why is there a need to 'continuing to look into the case…', when it is as clear as daylight? Isn't this another example of the 'emperor's new clothes'?"

Well said don't you think? 

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