Actress Jeanette Aw was the big winner at Star Awards 2015 Show 1, which was held at the MediaCorp Television Theatre yesterday.

She won the awards for Favourite Female Character, Favourite Onscreen Couple, the Social Media Award, as well as the Regional Most Popular MediaCorp Artiste award for Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia.

Speaking to the media after the awards ceremony, Aw thanked her fans for their support but expressed concern after some left messages online saying that they would kill themselves if she did not win enough awards.

She said: “I am not angry at them. I am just concerned for the fans. I think part of the reason is that they blame themselves for not supporting me enough when I was not number one at some of the weekly rankings leading up to tonight’s show.”

She added that the main point is not for her to win awards but to show appreciation to her fans and continue to create good shows for the audience. Aw said she does not wish to participate in award categories decided by voting in the future in light of this incident.

“I do not wish to take part in any more voting-based award categories in the future. I hope this wish will be communicated to the company.”

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