Editor's note: A reader sent this CSI expose. The reader's views are his own.
I came across this "Dr" Terence Seet living and working in Singapore. Almost all of his degrees are from known and reported degree mills, yet he is still able to work as a Director at Raffles Education Corporation.
Firstly, Templeton University is a degree mill.
How on earth did he do a bachelors degree in just 2 years?
Next, Sree Raghavendra Research Foundation University where he did his MBA is ALSO a fake university. It is listed here as a fake university in India.
Lastly, his phD from Open International University is a sham degree too. Open International University is also a known degree mill. And can you believe it? He earned his phD in just a year!
Here is Terence Seet's phD from the degree mill:
Do you think such bogus degree holders should be exposed by MOM and not by netizens? What is MOM doing?

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