To all banks in Singapore!

Can you kindly train your financial consultants to handle counter transactions as well so that the queue can be lesser and your customers can be more satisfied with the waiting time? After all, you want to retain your customers right?

1. They hire so much “financial consultants” to sit at those consulting area where the customer press number to queue for service.

2. They put limited amount of resources on bank counter staff, usually 2 – 3 in smaller branches and 1x staff serving each diffierent type of account (e.g. corporate, premium, normal queue etc.)

3. Most customers who go bank are usually involved with transactions that cannot use the “financial consultants” queue so end up the queue at bank counter become damm long.

4. If the customer press the financial services queue for say, paying a bank loan, the financial consultant will ask the customer go join rest of the standing queue instead of settling the transaction with him (taji level 9999)

5. Finally, all the angry customers wait for 30mins – 1hours, stand there feel damm pek chek while all the “financial consultants” no customers at all, all jiak hong, talk to security guard just ba long long take salary.

So is that how you run your bank? Where is the efficiency? Does it mean once the person open account with you means you hit KPI liao? Don’t need care after sales service?

See a lot of banks with this problem (e.g. OCBC, Standard Chartered top 2)

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