42 year-old Tang Wai Chuen Adrian and 60 year-old Ong Siew Hong have been fined for trying to evade paying GST for over 5,000 imported handbags.

According to Singapore Customs today, they had under-declared the value of their imported goods by submitting fake invoices in separate cases. They were fined S$95,000 and S$42,000 respectively.

Between Jan 2013 and Jun 2014, Tang had imported 3,390 branded handbags from the United States, Italy and Malaysia on 80 occasions. The under-declaration of the import values of the goods resulted in a shortfall of S$55,606 in GST payment.

Tang, the owner of MBE Trading & Services, pleaded guilty to 10 charges. Another 70 charges were taken into consideration in the sentencing.

In the second case, Ong, director of Be Bonita Fashion and Apparels, was caught for submitting fake invoices with import declarations, said Singapore Customs.

Investigations revealed that between May 2013 and Nov 2014, she had imported 2,024 branded handbags and 1,505 pieces of accessories such as wristlets, phone cases, children’s toys and travel adapters on 13 occasions. The total amount of GST evaded was more than S$7,360.

Ong pleaded guilty to four charges. Another nine charges were taken into consideration in the sentencing.

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