To Steve_Leonard, Yaacob_Ibrahim,

Dear Mr Leonard,

I am writing to question how IDA handles its recruitment.

This comes at the time when the education qualifications of one of your staff Ms Nisha Padmanabhan is called into question by the public.

This is in relation to her MBA is from South Pacific University which has a earned itself a reputation as a paper mill. Furthermore her first degree comes from the University of Mumbai…. a lowly ranked institution if compared with our home grown universities such as NUS and NTU.

I would also to highlight another HR controversy in the form of the recruitment of Mexican Mr Alan Ramos Lobaton, who’s qualifications are completely non related to the info-communication industry. I believe that he has been charged for under-aged sex.

This leads us to question why is IDA recruiting totally unqualified foreigners instead of Singaporeans.

Are we really that short of talent that we need recruit sub standard workers from overseas.

I do not think so.

Minister Yaacob – we citizens appeal to you to initiate a thorough investigations into the IDA’s HR recruitment process and also to evaluate all foreign employees working in IDA as to whether their qualifications are appropriate.

One slip up (eg Ramos) is acceptable. Two slip ups begs a closer scrutiny.

We would appreciate action from the Ministry of Communications and Information.

This email will be uploaded into the social media.

Best regards

Wiki Lim

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