Editor’s Note: A reader contributed his unhappy encounter with an unsympathetic female doctor from Jurong Polyclinic.

Yet again this doctor I seen at Jurong Polyclinic is sibei strict and ridiculous. I will share my entire story, I had NS injury sustain after falling off the low ramp during BMT.

My lower back and right leg was severely injured that for months I cannot walk as my right leg was swollen. My back was injured that whenever I had to wake up from bed I had to have someone carry me up.

For the past 8 years I had live with this injuries as frankly my back slightly recovered expect my right leg. Whenever I run, the shin bone still hurts. Recently I was doing warm up exercise before going back for RT.

My shin bone had a sharp pain that I thought I wanted to get a referral letter from the doctor at Polyclinic to see the specialist. When I told the doctor that I had past injuries regarding this.

The doctor said to me that: “Shin pain is nothing boy, you need to exercise regularly. I give you some medicine and you can go.”

I was not happy with her reply as if I want to chao keng.

Than I told the doc again, “Doc, I had previous injuries during NS when I fall off the low ramp.”

Doc replied. “Listen low ramp didn’t cause your injury, it’s just because you didn’t exercise regularly. My daughter is stronger than you, she had shin pain before and she’s able to cope. Why can’t you do that? I give you some medicine and that’s it. Even if you complain to Mindef, what can they do something about this?”

WTF? Why have to compare me with her daughter who never serve NS? Listen liao I sibei angry and I told her that I want to cancel consultation.

My problem now is that since I didn’t get the referral letter which was my intention. Can I just don’t pay?

Now I’m going though the long route to see a specialist regarding my shin pain which is through my unit.

Who’s right, Who’s wrong in this case?

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