What happened before can always repeats itself again!

History always repeats itself continuously non-sop without fail just different scenario, different era, different venue & on different people! But the thing that is repeating is exactly the same and nothing different

I feel that Singapore ruling govt PAP has forgotten SIngapore’s very own history in many cases & it paving way for history to repeat itself once again be it intentionally or unintentionally

one such example will be Hotel New World Singapore and JEM Singapore of Jurong East.

Things itself don’t just suddenly happened! There are always signs, symptoms & chain reaction before it really happens.

There already many incidents taking place with regards to JEM
1) Delayed opening from 11 June 2013 to 15 June 2013
2) Fire on 14 August 2013 & 17 August 2013
3) Ceiling collapse on 18 September 2013
4) Glass door breaks 29 November 2013
5) Power failure on 21 March 2014
6) Sprinkle Malfunction on 17 June 2014
7) Fire on 3 April 2015
8) Flood 16 April 2015
9) ??????

Does this not reminds you of another incident which is Hotel New World Singapore?

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