The passing of LKY and the weeklong documentary on the TV channels showing how great the country he had built to the world, the achievements of a people he led to turn a swamp into a glittering jewel of the world must have impressed the people of the whole world. It was a very proud moment for Singaporeans. And the testament, many world leaders were here during the state funeral, and the island city state is half filled by foreigners to make their fortune and enjoy the hospitality and facilities of this modern day miracle.

Who built this wonderful city and providing jobs to the world, providing free education, world class education to the children of the world that could not afford it, could not afford the quality of such education? In the past the Singaporeans believed that this city was built by them. Today, the foreigners here claimed that they built this city for the Singaporeans, provided good jobs for the Singaporeans. And the leaders of this island also agreed.

Many Singaporeans are losing their jobs, the professionals and managers, for not having the right skills set. And they are told by foreigners here that they are not good enough. And these Singaporean professionals believed so too. They believed that they are not good enough, by foreigners, many with fake degrees, with lower qualifications than them that would have failed in our education system. And some leaders agreed. No one has a little common sense to question these findings that the Singaporeans are turning into unskilled people, obsolete, unemployable, because the foreigners and our people said so.

And because the Singaporeans, actually now called daft Sinkies for good reasons, are so useless, there is no choice but to replace them with foreigners who have all the talent and skills set to build this country and to continue to make it grow. There is no need for Sinkies anymore. They cannot fit in. The foreigners are the best people to replace the daft Sinkies and to live in this country.

Nobody believes in the ability of the Sinkies anymore. They are being encouraged not to waste their time getting a degree. They should be happy becoming hawkers and taxi drivers and security guards. That is the way for the Sinkies to go forward before they join the dodo birds, to be rediscovered in the next century, in the ruins of an island city state they built and left behind.

It is unbelieveable, but this is the truth. Everyone in the city state knows that Sinkies are useless, hopeless and need to be replaced by better and more talented people deserving to inherit this jewel and keep it glowing forever. They did not know how to defend themselves, their rights as owners of this city state they built but have forgotten or conned to believe it was built by the newcomers. And they are giving up by default, by resignation, by their own admission and acceptance that they are truly daft and beyond redemption.

And who is spreading this lie? And who believes in this lie without questioning? And who is helping to make this lie a reality? The Sinkies are more stupid than the PRCs, the India Indians, the Pinoys, the Myanmese or anyone from the 3rd World. The Sinkies need help from these foreigners to get a job, to get their economy going.

What is going on? The people who built a paradise are daft and useless, unemployable, despite having graduated from some of the best universities and most expensive education system in the world. And the villagers, the country bumpkins from the 3rd World, are here to inherit this city built by the Sinkies. They are taking over.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean

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