I have noticed that there are many people who support Amos, especially young people, but who might not know what to do.

Here are some things that you can do:

(1) Speak up on your blog or Facebook about why you support him. You can even draw a cartoon or picture to support show your support for him.

(2) Speak to your friends and people you know to let them know why you believe that the charges against Amos should be dropped.

(3) Write to the government ministries, your member of parliament and/or AGC to tell them that you do not think that Amos should be charged and that they should ‪#‎FreeAmosYee‬ (I wrote a blog post here:…/call-on-police-to-release-amos…/)

(4) If you are a non-Singaporean, you can also write to you governments or embassies in Singapore to appeal to them to add pressure on the Singapore government to let Amos go.

(5) Write to international human rights and freedom of expression organisations to let them know of Amos’s situation and to appeal to them to act.

(6) Appear in court during Amos’s hearings to show your support for Amos and to stand on solidarity with him.

(7) Organise and join a protest and speak up against the PAP’s actions of persecuting Amos (the PAP has banned me from organising a protest).

(8) And if you believe in Amos’s cause and what to support him financially, you can donate to him:…/04/14/donate-to-help-amos-…/

You can do one or a combination of these things, whichever you feel comfortable with and can do.

If you do not believe this is right, do speak up. Use our voice to fight back.

Don’t let this go pass us without us doing anything about it.

The more we do, the more we can change things. The more we speak up, the more this will pressure the government to back off.

Let’s do what we can to fight for one another.

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