I wonder whether to call it legendary or comical that a people, well educated, well travelled, can be so daft to the point of idiocy. That is the daft Sinkie. They have the best education and training from very young, to attend the best and most expensive nurseries and kindergartens, best schools and universities, tuitions and all the enrichment courses only to turn themselves into perfect droids, can do anything if programmed but cannot think. Now the street smarts uneducated or half educated punks from the 3rd World countries are descending onto their little yewtopia and tell they are stupid, daft, unimaginative, not creative and no skills sets, and taking over all the good jobs from them, telling them they are only good as taxi drivers and security guards. And the best part, they did not protest, they believe it to be so. And their super talented leaders also believe it to be so and went rushing to the world to find a foreign talent for every CEO job that they no longer believe any daft Sinkie can do.

And when the govt told them to go overseas to work, they happily accept that as the right thing and the way to go. When they are kicked out from jobs at home by 3rd World conmen, they believed that are no good but good enough to go out to work to prove that they are good. Silly? Wait till you hear me out.

The daft did not ask why they were able to build a yewtopia while the 3rd World fakes could not but are chasing them out and telling them that the yewtopia were built by them. Serious, this is what is happening. And all the silly Sinkies are preparing to go out and conquer the world, to earn less than what they could earn at home, and to convert these foreign currencies to lesser value when they remit home to pay for the higher cost of living.

They wanted to leave their beautiful yewtopia, a place where everything works with the push of a button, where their wives and daughters would not be raped or robbed on the streets, and they wanted to bring them to the 3rd World to risk being raped and robbed and even killed, away from the safe, predictable and comfortable home and city they built? Now why would they want to do that, trade their good life to live in the ‘wild’ and hazardous 3rd World? Because Lee Kuan Yew said so, the man they love to hate but they would listen without questioning, like the words of God. Or like what Jack Neo used to say, ‘Cheng hu kong’, or the govt said so.

Should it not be that they go out to earn more, to bring home to live better, like all the 3rd World foreigners coming to their yewtopia to do? Why when the whole world wants to come here to earn good money and they chose to go elsewhere to earn less money? I can understand if they go out as tourists to see the world, to enjoy and experience the world, and if to work, to earn more and to bring home more? Everyone is coming here to earn more, to remit home and convert to even more local currencies, to buy big houses and land, to improve their lives. The daft Sinkies are going overseas, to earn less, to remit home less, to convert to lesser Sing dollars, to buy lesser things, to pay for affordable and smaller HDB flats.

What do you think? Daft or not? Got yewtopia do not want but want to go to rough it out in the 3rd World and risk being mugged and robbed and cheated? And to leave their yewtopia to the 3rd World fakes and cheats to enjoy, to have good jobs, and to have a good time.

Silly or not? Can daft Sinkies think? Or would they bother to think? Would they simply believe what the ‘cheng hu’ told them to do and blindly follow them like orders from God, must be good and the right thing to do? If ‘cheng hu’ were to tell them ‘chiat sai is good’ they will go and ‘chiat sai’ and even say ‘Ya it is good.’ No need to think, just do as the ‘cheng hu’ said.

What still want to go overseas to work, kee chiu? Please don’t argue about the exceptional few that could command a higher income overseas. The few are exceptional and should go overseas when organizations are willing to pay them more than what they could get in yewtopia and to compensate them for the discomfort and risk out of yewtopia.

Every good thing is happening in yewtopia, good jobs, good money, good environment. The whole world’s jobless and unemployed are coming here. Why are daft Sinkies going elsewhere when all the actions are here?

PS. A good example is quitter like Matilah Singapura. Ran away but die die must come back because the honey is here. Why would stupid Singaporeans want to go overseas when everyone wanting to make their millions are descending on this island?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean

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