Former China tour guide Yang Yin, who is embroiled in a legal court case over ownership of a wealthy widow’s wealth, has filed a notice of appeal against the court’s earlier decision to recognize 88 year-old Madam Chung Khin Chun’s new will which leaves most of her assets to charity.

Madam Chung’s assets are estimated to be valued at about $40 million.

Yang Yin’s lawyer, Mr Daniel Zhu told the media on Friday morning that he has taken instructions from his client to file the notice of appeal. He added that the application is currently pending the court’s approval.

Madam Chung made the new will in December last year. This latest will replaces the one made in 2010, which allegedly gave Yang inheritance of her assets, including her $30 million Gerald Crescent bungalow.

Yang faces more than 300 charges in total including two criminal breach of trust charges for allegedly misappropriating $1.1 million from the wealthy widow. He has been in remand since 31st October last year.

Yang had met Madam Chung in 2008 while acting as her private tour guide on a trip to Beijing. A year later, he moved in to live with her in the bungalow, claiming that she wanted him as her “grandson”.

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