Bros relate a story here with you all, i am a vendor at one of the MNC, when we went there we saw 4 senior managers being escorted out by security.

Apparently they were given the sack and asked to leave the company premises within 20 minutes.

I was not sure what was going on, so i asked the hr staff there (my kaki), he said this was related to the Southern Pacific Unversity Scandal, that has been circulating. Company seemed to have found out they also had some people with that fake degree working for them and sacked them.

They were not only sacked but were given no compensation but also blacklisted in the industry for good.

After the situation was over after lunch all vendors were also given a letter with company letter head stating that any vendors hiring people or deemed to have subcontracted to people with dubious certifications will be liable for litigation by the company due to damage of reputation/incompetence and breach of contracts

People in business like me pls be careful as this type of thing big MNC will sue you until pants drop one if you are supplying MNC services as a SME as MNC very particular about this types of things

Please also don’t ask me what company as i don’t want to expose myself, but its good knowledge for all. Also please don’t use bogus degree, once blacklist in industry very difficult to find job forever.

Anyways those sacked were all foreigners. Their salaries were those above $8K one per month

This is just an informative thread for all, take care

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