Late veteran actor Huang Wenyong’s daughter, Nicole Ng, is on the latest issue of local magazine FHM where she spoke of her rebellious past and how she felt like living in the shadow of her father.

The 24-year-old self-employed lass showed off her flawless figure in a bikini and other sexy clothes, making her fans rather happy.

As expected, some members of the public were not kind with their words and criticised her for using her beauty and assets to achieve fame.

But that won’t sit with Nicole, she replied in her Facebook:

Can’t help but laughing so hard. Online haters are not even trying hard enough to give constructive criticism.

1. Since when I had breast implants? Obviously Marty Lee doesn’t know how to differentiate real breasts from fake ones.

2. How is being featured on a well known magazine like fhm be “seducing men, idiotic and brainless “? So you telling me every women who were once on the magazine are seducing men, idiotic and brainless? (Mind you, many models, actresses were once featured).

Feel sad that cyber bullying is getting more and more out of hand lately. Online trolls can comment freely behind the screen without having to bear the consequences or judgement from people hence they are getting more daring. At least put up a good fight, give some constructive negative comments that people can relate to.

ASS Reporter Jason Yam

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