To feed his family of four, he worked 7 days a week, more than 10 hours a day. But on 12th Apr, he died on his way to work after his motorcycle was involved in a road accident with a lorry.

This tragic accident took place around 9:45am on AYE towards Tuas near to the North Bouna Vista exit.

The deceased is Huang Xiao Qiang, a 53 years old chef. He is survived by two children and a homemaker wife. Elder son is 18 years and will begin school at Temasek Polytechnic next month. His younger sister is 14 years old and is attending a special school for the intellectually challenged.

According to sources, the motorcycle collided into the stationery lorry which was having a punctured tyre. Huang was found dead underneath the lorry.

Huang’s wife was visibly distraught when she collected her husband’s body from the morgue. According to the deceased’s relative, Chen Qing Cai, Huang took on two jobs to support his family. He was a chef in an army camp on weekdays and took on part-time jobs during weekends, working an average of 15 hours a day.

Chen added that money was tight for the family as the deceased took home less than $2000 a month with $600 going to his wife as family expenses.

Friends and relatives say Huang is a good husband and good father. Being the family’s only breadwinner, the family is worried about the future. Police is investigating the accident and urge those with information to call 65470000.

EDMW forummers donate pek kim to Huang Family

When news of Huang’s traffic accident spread to popular local Hardwarezone/Eat Drink Man Woman, it was met with the usual criticisms of how foreign talent enjoy life in Singapore while locals slog hard to survive. Many also criticise the government for not extending social help to this family.

However, some EDMW forummers responded differently. Upon CSi-ing the address of the wake, Blk 150 Bedok Reservoir, many forummers, such as “TUV2008”, “oceano”, “winorlose”, and others made their own way to the wake to contribute pek kim to the family.

ASS Reporter Jason Yam

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