Vaune Phan.
The 27 year-old biker has decided to set off on an epic journey in June, starting from her comfortable home here and crossing 8,000km of mixed terrain, all the way to Everest Base Camp.
“This trip signifies there can be “mountains” in our lives, but if we remain determined and persevere on, we will conquer the “mountain”, we can achieve our dreams,” she says.
“I’d like to share with you that this trip is not just about me conquering this quest, but to also raise awareness for the Singapore Disability Sports Council,” she says. 
Who am I?
My name is Vaune.
(sounds like von. NOT yvonne, evon, vanne, vonee, voun, vanu)
My last name is Phan. (NOT pronounced as ffffan).
I'm born and bred in Singapore.
(NOT Vietnam, not Japan, not Thailand, not anywhere else)
I ride a motorbike, a Ducati Hypermotard. I love dirt biking too.
I am spontaneous, am told I'm funny and straightforward.
I'm feminine and I'm rugged.
What class of licenses/certificates to I possess?
Class 3 Manual Driving License (CDC @ Ubi)
Class 2 Motorcycle above 600cc License (CDC @ Ubi)
Advanced Open Water Diver License (Sunny Cove 5 Star PADI Dive Centre)
Tandem Skydive at 12,000sqft (New Zealand, Christchurch @ NZ Skydive)
Surfing (Indonesia, Bali @ SurferGirl)
4th Place @ MSSC Enduro Race 2010
2nd Place @ MSSC Enduro Race 2012 Round 3
I ride a Ducati Hypermotard.
Previous rides:
Honda XR200L
Honda XLR200L
Suzuki DR200
Honda XR125L
What do my parents think of me riding a motorbike?
Well of course, they discourage it and have never approved of me riding because of the high danger risks riders are exposed to on the roads. Unfortunately, as my parents dealing with their own daughter, they also know that they can't do anything about it hahaha because I pursue what I believe in, and they respect it (or resigned to it). 
Have I gotten into any accidents?
I've been riding for almost 7 years, had my fair share of accidents
(I can still count in one hand and thankfully not very major ones). The norms I have are bruises (a weekly affair when I play off road on my scrambler), abrasions (I really hate scars), and a fractured rib bone. I'm always very thankful that I get to my destination safe and sound. 
You may contact me at [email protected]

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