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My name is Amy, I just bought voucher from at date:13-04-2015. I call for appointment on 14-04-2015 at Exchange Hair Plus, the Adelphi #02-11 ,1 Coleman street Singapore 179803.

I went there on time at 2.30pm, a young guy serving me. When mention on i want to do hair perming, he was telling me my hair not suitable to using this loreal x-tenso, this perming will let me feel older and is very old type of perming, and ask me to top up $150 for digital perming.

I dont accept his advice ,he say i got a lot of baby hair not suitable for perming and suggest me to do rebonding then i ask so this is okay for me to use that
voucher to do rebonding ,he answer me yes ,but he need to testing my hair first.

I agree that so he trying to go walk here and there then come back and testing after got another 2 young guy come to lobbying and trying to convince me, after testin my hair ,he told me that loreal x-tenso not suitable to me ,advised me and ask me to pay rebonding as shiseido product as price need to top up $485 i say too exspensive so he say he ask he manager to give me very special discount.

Wait for a second he came back to me say ,you are so lucky my manager say give you very special discount, today you only pay $295 , i ignore him ,do persist i want to make use of my $48 hairperm voucher, but the hairstylist keep telling me this loreal x-tenso product is not good and insist I upgrade $295 for another product.

To what i mean as if that product not good why still want to sell as and i trust so i buy for your company ,but what wrong with this company.

So now i ask for refund me money ,and i wont return to this shop again ,and i will go stomp to show all my frinds and public do not be deceived from them.

I spend about around close to two hours listening to their sales talk but ended up not fulling the voucher that i bought when i do not want any upgrade.

I was so angry that they wasted my off day and not able to use the voucher. This is downright cheating to me.

Amy Ashley
A.S.S Reader

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