I was on the MRT this morning going home after guard duty. I was very tired and there wasn’t any seat. It was a long hot day and I was still in my uniform. I was thirsty so I took out my bottle and drank some water.

The woman sitting in front of me stared at me like I did a crime. Suddenly the MRT jerked and I spilled some water in front of that woman’s feet. She got angry and started shouting “”such a stupid and useless soldier! No brain is it?!”” Everyone was looking and I was very embarrassed.

Just then an indian man came and offered me some tissue to wipe the floor. She started to be more rude with her words and didn’t stop. The indian man who was helping me suddenly spoke up for me. He told her to calm down and explained my situation to her politely even though he didn’t know what was going on. At the end he said “”A soldier is also a human. They work hard for us day and night. The least we can do is support them.”” The woman became silent. The Indian man told me to apologise to her and brought me to stand by the side.

He asked what happened. After hearing me out he told me that he was a LTA in 3 guards. He said he understood my situation and praised me for being calm and not arguing back with the woman. Being an NSF I’ve never thought so highly of the officers or commanders in the SAF. I mean why should I? They never seem to stand up for us or be genuine. But somehow when this officer stood up for me, it got me thinking. I felt comforted that I’m not alone.

To whoever you are, thank you for what you did.

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