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After two weeks of silence, Amos Yee has spoken up, this time asking for the public to help fund his legal dance with Lee Hsien Loong

Amos said in his blog post:

"Since I require help and since many people have displayed a fervent interest(in which I cannot express the extent of my gratitude with meagre words), I humbly open up this avenue, for you to donate, and assist in my needs in court. Locally, you can directly send your donations via my bank account number: 124-91889-8 But for all my international buddies out there, you can send it via my paypal account to the email: [email protected]"

Many Singaporeans have stood up for Amos Yee and one even donated almost half of his POSB life savings to Amos. As you can see, the support is very strong for Amos Yee. 

Will you do your part and contribute to Amos's legal fund? 

Pui Chao Nua

A.S.S. Reader

Editor's Note: The writer is trying to mock at Amos Yee but in the name of freedom of speech, we will also share the contributor's point of view. While we can have differing views over an issue, we will still defend your freedom of speech. #FreeTRS #FreedomOfSpeech

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