I am a guide dog user and am sorry the security guard lost his job. My guide dog and I have been to several Zara outlets at all other malls and has been welcomed into the stalls.

We don’t encounter any negativity when visiting shops cuz explanations to the staff/manager concerned has always worked. Patience is key for the public to learn and know guide dogs are working dogs and they do not misbehave in public.

Unless distracted, they are very professional on their jobs.

We must understand promoters and front line staff have high turnover rate. Hence, if retailers can inform the staff about working dogs in Singapore; that these are allowed in all public places as gazetted by the Singapore government in 2005. NEA and MUIS also endorsed t.

It is my wish that he be reinstated to his job so his family need not suffer because of a small misunderstanding.

No comparisons be made but different people handle situation differently. Both parties must be amicable to resolve the issue at hand and to refrain from violence.

The staff have been helpful and polite even I couldn’t manage to find an outfit for a specific occasion.

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