A shocking 'resurrection ceremony' for a two-year-old dead boy at a Texas church has been caught on camera. 
In the clip capturing the attempted resurrection, the boy identified by a witness as Benjamin, is being held in the arms of Texas pastor's wife Aracely Meza as others, including a man who appears to be her husband Pastor Daniel Meza, are gathered around. 
The witness, who said she knew Benjamin's mother since she was pregnant with him, said the child was possessed by demons, according to pastors. 
She also said he went 25 days without food before he died. 
In the footage, Meza apparently uses oils to try and bring him back to life while also praying and speaking in tongues during the 'rising ceremony' lasting for hours.
She also invokes Jesus to give life into the child. 
Meza, who is reportedly not the child's mother, was taken into custody on Monday and Balch Springs police said she has been charged with injury to a child by omission, according to NBCDFW
She is currently being held on a $100,000 bond, a police spokesman told Daily Mail Online, and more information will be available on Tuesday. 
Police went to a home on March 26 in Balch Springs to do a welfare check and were told by residents that a two-year-old child had died and a 'rising ceremony' was performed, according to CBS.
The ceremony held at the residence on Duke Drive was an attempt to resurrect the child, police claimed, and took place on March 22.
Meza and her husband are pastors who presided over the church services held at the residence and also lives there along with other families including that of the two-year-old boy, according to WFAA.
In a report earlier this month, neighbors told WFAA that cars would fill the street for services, presided by the Mezas, but that no one knew what was happening inside of the home operating also as Iglesia Internacional Jesus es el Rey Church.
'When it was church hours they would set it up as a church, then when it was over, back to a home,' neighbor Bryan Cruz told WFAA who grew up with the children in the home. 
The home was not registered or zoned to operate as a church, code inspectors for the city said, however its website states the national headquarters are at the home's address. 
In an earlier report, Lt Mark Maret told CBS: 'We don't know if this was to try and resurrect the spirit of the child and we don't know if this was to try and resurrect the child themselves or what exactly that service or ceremony encompasses.'
Unconfirmed reports have suggested that the two-year-old boy, whose name is unknown and who neighbors had not seen, may have died either of starvation or of a fall from a chair.
Emergency services do not appear to have called until police received an anonymous tip four days later. Police said there is no record of the child’s death being reported. 
The child's parents took the body to Mexico the following day. Two phone numbers for the single-story home were disconnected. 
A neighbor told Daily Mail Online earlier this month that five children under the age of ten, both boys and girls, were also living at the home and had been taken away by Child Protective Services.
Joy Donaldson said that she once complained to the woman who lived at the home about two of the boys, who had been bothering her dogs.
The woman, whose name she did not know, told her that the children did not know any better 'because they had been taken off the streets of Mexico'. 
A second neighbor, Jean Turnipseed, told Daily Mail Online that she had heard that church services were taking place at the home on Saturdays and Sunday nights, where people were being charged at the door. 
An investigation is underway involving both state and federal authorities.

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