On 3rd April, I arrived in Singapore from Bali via AirAsia and was due to catch a connecting Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight to Hong Kong the same day.

The flights were planned such that I would have ample time to make it from one aircraft to the other, as I am a senior citizen with an injured knee.

Unfortunately, the AirAsia flight was delayed, resulting in my late arrival at Changi Airport.

When I got to the SIA transfer desk at Terminal 3 to request my boarding pass for the next flight, I was told that there was no agreement with AirAsia for transfers, and that I would have to leave the transit area and check in again at the departure area.

This meant rushing through immigration, heading out of the arrival area, checking in on the departure level, re-entering the transit area through immigration, before making my way to the boarding gate for my flight, which was just across from the SIA transfer desk.

While waiting to board, I asked to see a supervisor but was told she was too busy.

I travel frequently and have always had good service from SIA.

This sort of bureaucratic intransigence is unnecessary and painful.

How would this affect less able passengers or those in wheelchairs?

I hate to think how much more inconvenient and distressing it would be for them.

Lu Chisen

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