Detectives have identified and caught the mysterious phantom ejaculator, who often sprays his semen on unsuspecting woman on crowded trains between Kinshicho and Akihabara stations in Tokyo. He is thought to have sprayed more than 100 women with semen since 2011.

A 40 year-old man, Tetsuya Fukuda, was arrested by Japanese police for the disgusting acts on Tokyo’s trains.

When arrested, he said, ‘I get excited when in close contact with a woman on a crowded train.’

He is thought to have cut holes in his jacket pockets so he could pleasure himself.

He was caught after DNA tests were done on a sample of semen on a teenage schoolgirl’s skirt.

One victim, Ria Yoneda, 26, came forward after the arrest, and said, ‘It happened to me as well but I didn’t know who had done it. It is just disgusting, he needs help.’

Fukuda has been charged with damaging property and has admitted more than 100 semen attacks since 2011.

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