The SCDF wants to introduce lifelike figures that can bleed, suffer bruises, and even shout for help, and yet are tough enough to withstand the rigours of smoke and fire, into the training of paramedics and firefighters.

SCDF is calling for proposals to design “intelligent rescue manikins” that mimic human features and responses to crises and can interact with responders so as to simulate realistic training scenarios for emergency responders

Human beings are rarely deployed to act as casualties in paramedic and firefighter training for safety reasons. The dummies currently in use act more as “dead weights”.

Obtained off-the-shelf, these static replicas only “entice common or predictable responses from our SCDF rescuers”, said the SCDF’s tender documents, published on the Government’s e-procurement site GeBIZ last month.

“There is a lack of interactive features to engage or provide more realistic challenges to our SCDF rescuers … Critical thinking in casualty assessment and management of casualties may be curtailed,” it said.

The “intelligent rescue manikins”, which should be 1.65m tall and weigh 60 to 65kg, must be able to mimic a wide range of injuries, such as bruises, cuts, burns and lacerations, that result from being trapped in smoke-logged or fire-ravaged rooms.

The manikins will need to be abrasion-resistant and waterproof, and their joints will need to be moveable to allow proper practice of response techniques such as the fireman’s lift, putting casualties in a recovery position and applying bandages. The manikins’ limbs should also be detachable to allow attachment of other limbs that replicate special injuries, such as amputation and impalement.

The manikins must also be able to play pre-recorded messages, so that acoustic listening devices can be used to detect them and triangulate their location. This simulates a situation where victims may be trapped under collapsed structures or rubble.

They must also be able to emit body heat so that responders can learn to use thermal imaging cameras, which is used to locate victims in smoke-filled environments.

A countdown timer embedded in the manikin will track if search and rescue operations are executed within stipulated timings. A power supply that can fuel the mankin for four hours on a single charge should be encased within, for portability reasons.

The manikins should also designed such that rescuers can programme their responses and communications remotely using a console that can control at least two manikins.

Prospective suppliers will have up to May 15 to submit applications.

The tender was called under the Public-Private Co-Innovation Partnership, a platform for the Government and local companies to co-develop innovative solutions to meet public needs. While the project is open to all companies, more support will be given to small and medium enterprises based here, if they are awarded the tender.

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