Hi everyone,

If you haven't already seen the picture circulating online, there is a company Innovaz One which has just posted an insensitive and discriminatory job advertisement on JobsBank.

On the JobsBank site, it says:

"The Jobs Bank, administered by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), is a free service provided to all Singapore-registered companies and local individuals (Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents).

The Jobs Bank is WDA's new public job portal to facilitate online job matching between local job seekers and employers. It is a self-help platform and will also support WDA's career services and allow WDA to reach out a wider pool of local job seekers beyond its career centres.


I don't understand why this company was even allowed to post this discriminatory advertisement in our local jobs portal. I thought MOM says that companies posting on JobsBank are required to consider Singaporeans first, and only if they cannot find Singaporeans to fill the position then they can find foreigner candidates?

Is the government telling companies and Singaporeans that it cannot fulfill its Singaporeans First policy? If that's the case, then I advise all of you to consider very carefully and vote in a government that can keep to its word in the next General Elections.

Thank you.


Vaz Man

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