Recently, the Chinese MSM ran a story describing how PAP MP Tin Pei Ling, who is six months pregnant, is working as per normal, attending her Meet The People Sessions and sometimes working till 1am or 2am (see attached).

This gives the impression that Tin Pei Ling, and by extension her PAP colleagues, is working very hard. Is MSM trying to imply that opposition politicians are not working hard? Has the MSM ever interviewed an opposition politician to profile them this way? Why is there a need to portray PAP so favorably? 

Last July, WP MP Lee Li Lian gave birth to her child and she working all the way till she gave birth. Even the week before she gave birth, she was fulfilling her duties as a MP and attending to constituency matters. I don't see the MSM running after her for an interview.

As a modern economy where mothers are also part of the active labour force, there is no unique reason why Tin Pei Ling deserves special mention. I work in the auditing sector and many of my pregnant colleagues work well into their last trimester and late into the night. 



Wong Siew Yee


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