Royally Superlitively UPSET On 10th April, I guided mama for dinner after the office and proceeded through Nee Ann City. Mama’s friend who was with us, pointed out a beautiful dress at Zara. Upon mama’s instructions, I guided her towards the clothing store.

A man at the entrance of the store prevented us from walking any further he was rather hostile and insisted even after mama explained that she is blind and needed a guide dog. He actually got more agitated and aggressive hurling abuses at mama and I. This guide dog actually heard with her own two ears this man screamed threateningly a word that mama later explained to me meant ” threatening another with one’s pee pee tail ”

He refused any explanations and insisted “no animals”. Mama explained that I was no ordinary animal but her eyes and allowed into public places. However he got more aggressive with gesturing, tonality and language. Mama requested that I take her into the store to speak to the manager at this point in time.

A lady claiming to be the store manager confirmed that guide dogs were not allowed and that they were calling the police. Mama and I remain standing and waiting for the arrival of the police

Another man came up, identifying himself as a police, asked us to step outside the store and wait for the police. There was some confusion here and we later understood that he was an off-duty officer.

The real police eventually arrived as well as the security management of the shopping mall. Both the security manager and police in uniform confirmed that guide dogs are allowed in Nee Ann City and public places. The investigating police officer then advised mama to take the matter up with Zara’s management as well as the magistrate court.

After that, I guarded mama to the police station near our home and lodged a police report. We did not get home till over 1 AM.

Whilst it is surely the prerogative of Zara to choose their customers, it is absolutely uncalled for to threaten one’s customers with your security guards pee-pee tail in public!

It is also the right of anyone to label and name mama please remember though,

It is not mama’s choice to be blind nor need of a mobility aid!

If only other four letter words can be used instead there are so many good ones like Kind, Care, Love …..

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