We often hear the MSM and pro-government supporters that FTs increase our pay and create more jobs. And on top of these, they can speak English and serve customers better.

However, my experiences beg to differ and also their productivity rate is really horrible. Let me recount a few incidents to justify my views.

My dad was looking to buy a Trek bike, so we decided to visit various stores to check. First stop was Mega showroom at Red Hill. We found that the FT Customer Service from Philippines wasn’t too familiar with the products as he kept referring us to a book. But he was quite polite while the other FT CS looked indifferently in the shop. Generally, it was not too bad but still, I think it was lacking. So we went to the second shop at East Coast. The Indian FT manager looked arrogant and our local CS reported to him. You could differentiate by the way they talked, the FT was really haughty and looked like a big boss. The local CS was helpful and he knew the products really well and made good recommendations. The third shop at Orchard Road was really bad. I walked in, the FT CS (Pinoy lady) was all the time on the phone talking in Tagalog, talking non-stop. The FT manager (Pinoy also) saw me but looked away as if I was invisible. No one served me and I walked a few rounds in the shop!!!

So I decided to approach the FT CS (India Indian), he did not know the products well, he could not even introduce me much. So he kept going to the FT Manager (Pinoy) who was extremely arrogant and gave the “heck care” attitude. The FT CS (India) looked really timid when talking to him. I decided to ask a question of the bike he proposed and the FT Manager (Pinoy) gave me condescending tone (aka “you probably can’t afford”). Honestly, they don’t even know what I am looking for and decided to give me a model and price!!! They never asked what budget, what use, et cetera.

Then I went to Metro Centrepoint, 1 FT (Pinoy) was doing refund, 1 FT (Malaysian) was the cashier. One guy was doing refund and 20 minutes later, I was standing there, he was still doing the refund, the FT (Pinoy) kept going around the bush on the refund and the guy kept going. Then, the FT (Malaysian) was trying to clear a guy buying a few pieces of undergarments and 20 minutes later, she was still doing the clearing.

I ended up walking off from the stores and from my experiences, this is my feedback:

1. These FTs are now management level and their attitude really sucks!!! They behave like kings and their subordinates look so scared when talking to them!!! Is this our new culture???

2. How can productivity go up when they can’t even do simple tasks?

3. Cheap labour translates to losses or more business? Why save a few hundred when you are actually losing more by losing customers because of their lousy attitude?

4. From what I saw, locals are better in productivity and knowledge. And in the end, locals have to report to incompetent and arrogant FTs!!!!

Do you agree with what I say? We have not hit 7M yet and more and more of these inferior quality FTs are being imported to manage us and drive down productivity!!!

FT is really good!

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