Editor's note: A reader contributed this eye witness account of the incident between the visually handicapped lady, her male friend and the ZARA security guard. Read more about the incident here. The views expressed by this reader are his own.
Hi editor,
Last night I was sitting on the bench outside TAKA' Zara when i heard the commotion. I didn't hear the initial conversation between the security guard and the woman because i was on my hp and facing the Kate Spade store direction. But i heard the security guard shouting "you called me an animal! F*** you!" very loudly in reply to something the woman said. After that, the security guard called the police. 
The woman proceeded to enter the store with her dog and another man (i think is the husband). They were inside talking for some time while the security guard remained outside. After some time, the husband came out to talk to the security guard but in an aggressive and threatening manner. He kept walking very near the security guard machiam want to fight while the security guard retreated backwards shouting very loudly. almost ended up in a fight if not for some guys stopping it. 
After that, the police came and interviewed the parties involved, during which the husband and security guard shouted at each other again and had to be stopped by the police.
What i heard from other witnesses was that the security guard politely told the woman that no animals allowed in the store. But i think the woman was overly sensitive and called the security guard an animal instead. He was furious and challenged the woman to repeat what she said again, which triggered off the commotion.

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