The PAP under Lee Kuan Yew has humiliated Singaporeans for decades but a large number of citizens still paid tribute to him. How did this come about?

Since young, Singaporeans have subconsciously been taught to rely on external sources of information, courtesy of the PAP, and have mistaken propaganda for facts.

The sad part is children are fair game to PAP politics – facts and our history in Social Studies textbooks have been distorted and students are being taught the ‘right’ things by adults.

A large number of Singaporeans have yet to realise the vast amount of nonsense spouted by PAP. Take for instance this statement by Goh Chok Tong, ‘affectionately’ a k a as Lau Goh regarding the Swiss standard of living: “In fact, by 1994, our GDP per capita in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms had already exceeded that of the Swiss in 1984”. (1999)

Many have not realised that one set of statistics by itself says very little about our standard of living. Every year that Lau Goh was in power, he increased the population by an average of about 100,000 to achieve his narrow vision. A high standard of living includes other indicators such as the population density, ratio of citizens to foreigners, etc and other intangibles but he focused on only one set of figures which he could achieve easily with his growth shortcut. Till today, we still hear others, including foreigners, talking about our Swiss standard of living when living in the largest construction site in the world is anything but Swiss.

Every piece of information published by the mainstream media is intended for public consumption and nothing is left to chance by PAP. Over time, citizens regurgitate everything they have read without even a simple analysis. It is shocking to see educated people defending flawed policies simply by regurgitating information disclosed by PAP to the mainstream media. Overexposure to propaganda seems to have caused the high rate of ‘brain damage’ in our society.

Just how severe is the brain damage?

Housing, healthcare, transportation and education policies are all flawed and were designed to suit PAP’s profit objective. Common sense tells us these policies must be discarded but the “never mind what you think” PAP simply tweaks them and insists we need even more FTs badly. 1 million foreigners will be added to our population by 2030.
Slap in the face: Rams through the Population White Paper.
Still heard: Singaporeans parroting the government mouthpiece that increasing the population is for our good.

CPF savings belong to citizens but have been abused by the PAP for decades, initially to finance the construction of infrastructures. The majority of CPF members need OUR money but PAP still refuses to return our CPF at 55.
Slap in the face: CPF money is still treated like PAP’s funds.
2nd slap in the face: OUR money will only be partially returned at 65.
3rd Slap in the face: PAP MPs behaved as if they are dumb in parliamentary until Roy Ngerng came along. Still as dumb today.
Still heard: CPF interest rates are better than bank rates (comparing long term apples and short term oranges)

GIC invests public funds but have been operating without transparency for more than 3 decades. The PAP commingled our CPF with our nation’s reserves and subsequently claimed the disclosure of GIC’s investments will lead to currency speculators attacking our currency. GIC claims its 20-year returns above inflation is 4.1%.
Slap in the face: Other countries have managed their pension funds as standalone funds which have earned higher returns than CPF for decades.
Slap in the face 2: GIC does not have the mandate to use our CPF to conceal the total size of our reserves.
Slap in the face 3: If GIC’s returns are 4.1% above inflation, why are CPF members paid sub (real) inflation returns?
Still heard: GIC publishes annual reports and therefore can be trusted. (annual reports which essentially discloses nothing ie no profit and loss statement/expenditure, directors’ remuneration, non disclosure of billion$ paid out to fund managers, etc)

Temasek boasts of unbelievable, unverifiable long term returns. Most public assets were transferred to Temasek at a fraction of their cost/gifted. Although Temasek manages our state reserves, it offers little transparency. A list of Temasek’s Singapore and foreign investments here
Slap in the face: Directors’ pay package probably amounted to tens of million$ but is not disclosed to the public.
2nd slap in the face: Most companies in Temasek’s stable were initially financed by CPF members.
Still heard: Temasek is a shrewd investor.

CPF Medishield Life – the increased payouts are funded by higher insurance premiums. Healthy citizens are forced to cross subsidize those with pre existing condition.
Slap in the face: PAP claims it is helping citizens when in fact we are forced to pay higher premiums with our retirement savings trapped in Medisave.
Slap in the face 2: Medishield has a surplus of more than $130 million since 2006. Increasing our premiums will increase Medishield surplus by at least a few hundred million dollars annually.
Slap in the face 3: Our Medisave will still be drastically reduced/depleted before 55.
Still heard: People are happy with the scheme.

Despite about 90% of households having access to the internet, many Singaporeans have continued to parrot government’s propaganda. After years of repeated blunders, many have still refused to question and hold PAP accountable.

For those who are offended by my observation, allow me to share some statistics of your favourite Straits Times which you are probably still not aware.

On a typical Friday ST, there are about 38 pages of advertisements out of a total of 64 pages ie 60% non news.
On a typical Saturday ST, there are 61 pages of advertisements out of a total of 98 pages, ie 62% non news. Including 76 pages of classified ads, almost 80% non news.
link (data slightly misaligned on table)
Excluding world news, sports, etc there are only a few pages of local news.
ST is controlled by PAP. The few pages of local news are PAP-approved and anything it does not want you to know will not be printed ie ST is pure propaganda.

Some criticisms are occasionally allowed to give it a semblance of independence.

The fact that you haven’t even realised what you are reading, and paying for, PAP’s propaganda indicates some degree of damage to the brain has occurred.

Your knee jerk reaction to reject the above is understandable but there is a way to confirm this:
– Cease paying for the Ass Tee for a month
– Read articles online with an open mind
– Local news can be found online @ or CNA
Analyse and compare what you have read

In the meantime, open your eyes to what’s actually happening around you.

Don’t allow others, especially the PAP, to help you think.

The above is an objective approach to determine if one has been a fool for decades. It is extremely difficult to come to terms because the ego will be immediately offended. Many Singaporeans have already freed themselves from being victims of propaganda. You can wean yourself off from the addiction to reading the Ass Tee just like most of us have.

During your lifetime, you would have paid more than $10,000 to read PAP’s propaganda and guess who will be having the last laugh? You do have a choice.

The way I see it, Singapore has the highest rate of ‘brain damage’ caused by 50 years of excessive PAP propaganda. What do you think?

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