Hi editor,

I saw a MyPaper article about a coffeeshop at the Jalan Teck Whye area which forced customers to pay GST for its expensive food.
As I used to live in the area until recently, I know of this coffeeshop and its cheap tactic.
The coffeeshop is at BLK 160A Jalan Teck Whye. It is the only Halal coffeeshop in the area. The next nearest Halal coffeeshop is all the way at Bukit Gombak Central.
They serve very expensive food there, and most of the food is cooked and served by cheap foreign workers. I have seen Indian workers who don't speak a word of English or Malay serving customers, and the cooks in the back are mainly PRCs or Malaysians.
I once ordered a small plate of fried chicken breast which cost me $9! The chicken was not even the whole chicken, just a small piece of breast meat coated in flour to make it fluffier. The fried rice costs $5.50 too and doesn't even have any ingredients inside!
Now with the additional GST, the coffeeshop tries to squeeze out even more money from its customers. Even though it should be making a lot of money from selling its expensive foods and hiring cheap foreign workers, they just want to milk out every dollar from customers until the last drop.
I'm sure many of the residents must be feeling very frustrated, especially since they have no where else to go for food. The only other option is to cook your own food, but what about busy families who do not have time to prepare their own meals at home? Luckily I've already moved out of the place.
Md Hafis

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