Everyone please beware of this scam! 

I saw this PRC man from Shen Zhen online who is going around showing off his fake blue Singapore NRIC!

He says that with this fake blue IC he can find a job anywhere in Singapore! Maybe he will even cheat poor unsuspecting Singaporeans of their hard earned money by scamming them!

How to know if his NRIC is fake? Just see the serial number for his year of birth S69…. It is completely off! He is born in 1988 and NRIC issued in 2007, how can he have a S69 serial number!? Even the address and thumbprint is so fake!

I didn't know our NRIC is so easily copied! Who knows how many more PRCs are out there using their fake ICs to snatch our local jobs and scam our people!

ICA better get to the bottom of this stink! What is the purpose of us paying them so much money and they can't even stop others from copying our IC cards????



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