I cannot but feel that the law in Singapore has become distorted by the PAP’s unjust behaviour.

Since Tan Tock Seng Hospital fired me for “conduct incompatible with the values and standards expected of employees”, it was said that it should fire Ed Mundsel Bello Ello too.

So, Ed Ello was fired and we cheered.

Since Amos Yee was arrested and charged, Ed Ello should be arrested and charged as well.

And so, Ed Ello was charged and we cheered.

But then, where is the rule of law?

We know that my firing was political. We know that Amos’s arrest and charges are political.

Yet, in an attempt to appease the people, the unfair way of prosecution is applied onto others as well.

Does this mean that everytime the government wants to distort the law to politically prosecute someone, they then have to keep distorting it onto everyone else so that they can justify their want to play politics?

Then where will all these end? It will end with a Singapore where we can no longer trust the law or the government and police to carry out the law fairly.

The rule of law is what allows Singapore and Singaporeans to function with trust among one another and where we can believe that justice can be carried out. But when the law is distorted by the government and then applied unevenly, what then can Singaporeans trust if justice can no longer be fairly upheld in our country?

If so, can we still trust that the country will be stable and safe?

Singapore was built up by the first-generation politicians to become a non-corrupt country in the first 20 years of our country’s independence but under the current PAP government, too scared of losing its power, we are beginning to see the unravelling of the system we so carefully built. Will SG50 spell the start of the fall of Singapore instead?

I am very displeased with the PAP’s actions. First, Amos is 16 and he needs to be guided. What he said has been debated and there has been no consensus. But he does not deserve to become a criminal or be punished for speaking up. Yet in the government’s want to continue to prosecute him, the law has been distorted.

And then unfairly applied to others.

It is time for the PAP to stop being abusive with the law. It is time for the PAP to remember what integrity means. If we allow our country to go down the road of unfairness and injustice by the PAP’s very own actions, then we are allowing the structure that maintained Singapore’s legitimacy from being dismantled and ruined.

Perhaps this is a sign of the PAP’s rule, too used to politically oppressing Singaporeans that such rouge behaviour have gotten into their heads and they see this as normal but where the current PAP, too used to not having the integrity to uphold the law, has continued to twist and turn the law all too often for its own means, that such behaviour might be Singapore’s very own undoing.

I am worried. I am very worried that the PAP does not seem to realise the folly of its action that this will be a grave mistake that will do Singapore in.

I repeat my call for the charges against Amos to be dropped and for the unjust laws to be removed. We cannot allow laws which exist to punish people unfairly to exist and we cannot allow for a government which would unfairly carry out the law to continue to remain in power. To do so will be dangerous to Singapore’s future and the safety of our nation and people. Please also call for the charges to be dropped and for Amos to be freed.

And if the PAP remains with its divisive and unjust ways, then it is time the PAP has to go, for the protection of Singapore.

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