A new streamlined experience will avail greater convenience and save time for Singaporean motorists and pedestrians seeking to apply the MACS (Malaysia Automated Clearance System) pass that allow smoother auto-gate processing at the Malaysian checkpoints.

Third Link Pte Ltd, a vendor appointed by the Malaysian immigration authorities, has set up an additional branch counter in Singapore to ease the process of application for the MACS pass.

Previously, applicants would have to go to the MACS service counters at the Causeway or Second link checkpoints to apply. This has proven to be a minor inconvenience as the designated parking areas in the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex (CIQ) complexes are limited. Moreover, first time applicants coming by car may not be familiar with the location.

“This is another great improvement in the MACS experience as it gives eligible business and leisure visitors a breadth of extra convenience to apply for the pass at our Singapore branch counter,” says Mr. Andrew Lau, general manager of Third Link Pte Ltd.

The new MACS branch counter in Singapore will process all ordinary Singapore passport applications for a fee of SGD$35, renewable annually. The fee (SGD$15.00) is a charge levied by the Malaysia Government for a successful application. If the application is rejected, the fee will be refunded to the applicant. However, the Service Fee (SGD$20.00 inclusive of GST) levied by Third Link for services rendered is non-refundable.

Applicants must submit their passport by 2 p.m. from Mondays to Fridays. Once submitted, it will be ready for collection the next day by 4 p.m. An application made after 2 p.m. will be considered a next day application, hence the passport will be return after 2 working days.

The applicant’s Singapore passport must be valid for two years before expiry. The pass, with embedded RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip, is scanned upon entry and departure.

Dedicated MACS lanes for motorists continue to be available to Singaporeans at Bangunan Sultan Iskandar in Johor Bahru and Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar in Tanjung Kupang respectively. The MACS system allows Singaporeans to enjoy fast track entry though these Malaysian checkpoints without having their passport stamped.

A fast-track auto-gate lane has also been dedicated at both checkpoints for pedestrian expediency.

The MACS pass does not act as an immigration pass or visa. Non-Singapore passport holders are eligible to apply for the MACS pass but they are required to obtain a visa (if applicable).

Non Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident must possess a valid pass (holder of long term visit pass or work permit) issued by either the Malaysian Government or the Singapore Government. The pass must be valid at least 9 months before expiry.

The Singapore MACS branch counter is located at Third Link’s office at No.1 Tanglin Road #03-07/08 Orchard Parade Hotel (Singapore 247905). Tel: 6733 4207. Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm.

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