So this is what happened.

My sister borrowed ~35k from my parents to complete her degree.Of course, my parents lent her money saying that this sum will need to be repaid back because this is the little sum of saving that they have after lending her. My family is not a well to do family; my dad is a taxi driver and my mum is not working. And because of Age, he is semi retiring now. Of course, then and then, she said yes to everything.

So now she is, graduated from University, working as a frontline in one of the banks. Her salary is quite good for a fresh grad, around 4-6k depending on the commission for the month. Although earning so much as a fresh graduate, she is just giving a paltry $300 to my parents each month. I mean if you didnt take the loan from my parents, give $300 ok la, at least they have the 35k++ saving to rely on. Wa lan eh, so just lets say all the $300 is used to repay the loan, it will take almost 10 years to repay leh, I didnt even factor in the interest rate.

So my parents naturally demanded a bit more. But my meanie sister insisted that $300 is the right amount and anymore bargain from them, she will cut the amount even lower. I tried to do the math breakdown for her that it will take her 10 years to repay the loan back, but she teh diam diam pretend never listen.

My mum then told me “What to do? Sua liao lo”. When I hear that, my heart damn sour leh.

So I am now bloody pissed off with her.She is using my internet which I paid in full for. So I demanded that she pay me $20 (she pay half, I pay half) since she like to calculate so much. First month, she yaya said she will pay la and she did la. Then for the second month which is this month, teh gong teh siao pretend nothing happen. I reminded her the day before yesterday, please put the $20 on my table if not I am going to change the WIFI password. Again, pretend never listen again; she thought I wont change.

So Yesterday, I changed the password and when she came back from work. She made a big fuss; What kind of family this; What kind of brother is this, Never take care of little sister and all the jazz. I didnt want to talk much to her also, all I said was $20 on my table and I change back to the original password. Then she go threaten my mum, if I dont change back to the original password by today, she will cut the givings from her to $200.

Seriously, I dont know what to do and say.

Any comments and opinions? Please help me, I am at a lost. Thanks

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