Several villages in the city of Tamil Nadu, India, made banners to commemorate the passing of Singapore’s Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

The banners read:

“Peak of The Himalayas that has fallen”

“We used to live in huts and now we live in concrete houses (after working in Singapore).

“You are our god.”

The Mayans, in order to please their gods, carried out human sacrifice. Here we are worse than Mayans, thousands of us being sacrificed for the fake Indians talents. Companies here and our government show no loyalty to our citizens. Fakes are being exposed everywhere. IDA, hospitals and, yes, universities even. The government collected levies and we are being sold, they show no loyalty to us. In retrospect, our citizens show bolder disrespect for them. I do not blame Amos Yee for spewing vulgarities.

Most foreign Indian workers send $1,000 back home every month. If we have 1 million workers, that works out to one billion per month being sent to India. Per year this amounts to 12 billions!!!!

So, would not they take LKY as their new god? Our workers being relegated to taxi drivers, security guards and cleaners, those slightly better in this dog-eat-dog economy, become insurance and housing agents. The IBS and PAP ball polishers see it differently, they said “imagine even foreigners mourn lky death”. How stupid can anyone be? 50 years of eating their own vomit make their brains full of shit, they just cannot think intelligently.

Sadly to say, our country is being run by these rich zombies, they do not want to listen to any criticism. They prefer to eat their own shit.

Aziz Kassim

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