The Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC) has ranked Singapore 29th in terms of airline safety:

Singapore’s ranking in terms of safety is even worse than some of the China airlines like Hainan Airlines, Sichuan Airlines and Shenzhen Airlines.

JACDEC noted that last year, the world´s death toll in commercial air transport has risen nearly four times over the 2013 numbers.

“This is the second highest in the past ten years,” writes Jan-Arwed Richter, founder of JACDE. About half of the fatalities came from the Asia-Pacific region.

Although flying remains the safest way of travelling, 2014 marks an untypically year compared to a series of years with falling numbers of victims.

The world’s new leading airline in terms of its safety record, is Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong, followed by Emirates, EVA Air of Taiwan and Air Canada.

The safest airline in Europe is the Dutch KLM in fifth.

Two major disasters affected Malaysia Airlines whose ranking fell from 34th to 57th place.

JACDEC provides global safety analysis about commercial aviaion since 1989. It is based in Germany. JACDEC monitors current safety occurrences and provides updates on airline safety issues in social networks. The safety score is primarily calculated by the revenue traffic performance of an airline in relation to the number of serious incidents and total losses it experienced up to 30 years back.

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