The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has expressed concern about the deteriorating situation in war-torn Yemen, and is working with foreign governments which are mounting operations to evacuate Singaporean families living there.

“However, it is unclear how long such operations will continue given the fluid ground conditions. MFA is keeping in close touch with the remaining Singaporeans in Yemen. We will continue to coordinate with other countries to facilitate their departure where possible,” said a ministry spokesperson today (April 7).

Saudi Arabia has been leading air strikes in Yemen to try to stem advances by an Iran-allied Shiite group. Last week, a Singaporean woman married to a Yemeni man was evacuated with her four children. She had been living in Aden since last September.

The MFA advised Singaporeans not to travel to Yemen. Singaporeans there who are not yet in touch with the ministry are urged to contact its duty officer at 63798800/8855 or [email protected]

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