In a new training programme by Parkway East Hospital, The Medical High School programme which started on Mar 28, a total of 60 students from Dunman High School, Victoria School and Victoria Junior College will undergo 3 weekends worth of immersion as a medical professional in the hospital.

Youths aged 15 to 18 will take part in various medical emergency scenarios – such as when an appendicitis patient is admitted to the hospital. They will take on roles as surgeons and scrub nurses in an actual operating theatre at the hospital, where under the direction of specialists, they will be trained to do laparoscopic surgery.

They will also undergo a practical test to determine how well and fast they excel in their roles.

They would also be working with other parts of the hospital. such as with radiology scanners or learning about the triage system in an emergency department.

To cater to the high demand for the programme, the hospital plans to offer a second intake in the later half of 2015.

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