Former China tour guide Yang Yin struck off from wealthy widow's new will 
Former China tour guide Yang Yin has been officially cut off from a rich widow's new will.
A court on Monday recognised Madam Chung Khin Chun's new will, which leaves most of her assets to charity.
The new will, made in December last year, replaces a previous one in which she had left everything to Yang.
In that previous will – made on Dec 16, 2010, when Yang was living with her – the 88-year-old widow named him "the sole executor and trustee and also the beneficiary" of her entire estate, which is believed to be worth about $40 million.
Yang, 41, had previously insisted that the earlier will made in 2010 was valid. His lawyer Daniel Zhu said a doctor had certified that the widow was mentally capable of making the will.
Yang, who has been in remand since Oct 31 last year, now faces more than 300 charges in total including two criminal breach of trust charges for allegedly misappropriating $1.1 million from the wealthy widow.

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