22 year-old Mohamed Asrafd Peer Mohamed committed offences in 2012 and 2013 which caused him to be sentenced to 4 years worth of probation. That did not stop him from committing his latest offence: He used a glass fragment to slash bouncer 29 year-old Prakash Jagajeevan in the neck last year.

Asrafd, who is jobless, was jailed 1 year 3 months and fined $3,000 yesterday.

As he handed out the sentence, Judge Shaifuddin Saruwan said Asrafd had already been given numerous chances but did not change his ways.

For voluntarily causing hurt with a dangerous weapon, Asrafd could have faced up to seven years jail, fines, caning, or a combination of the punishments.

Asrafd was originally sentenced to a year’s jail. He was sentenced to an additional 3 months and a fine because he had violated the terms of his probation despite being given numerous chances to change his ways.

In 2012, Asrafd was put on a two-year probation for offences including voluntarily causing hurt and disorderly behaviour. He was put on probation for another two years in 2013 for similar offences.

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