Malaysian police are investigating the incident where a 6 year-old girl fell through a gap of an escalator at a shopping mall in Pudu. They believe that it is a case of negligence.

Pudu CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Zainuddin Ahmad said yesterday that they are looking at the incident from all aspects of negligence. He did not rule out negligence on the part of the mother.

"We are investigating the case from all angles, including negligence by all parties. We hope the public can refrain from speculating on the matter," he said.

Sources say that the police have already brought in the parents for questioning.

This investigation follows a viral video that circulated online showing the distracted mother playing with her phone shortly before the girl was caught in the gap and fell.

"We will wait for further instructions from the deputy public prosecutor (DPP) before deciding on whether to investigate Nurhayada's mother under the Child Act 2001," the police have said.

Investigation papers will be submitted to the Deputy Public Prosecutor, with a remark that says that the incident may have been caused by parental negligence. Police may reclassify the case under the Child Act 2001 should they receive instructions to do so.

The girl has been identified as Nurhayada Sofia Musa, 6. She died from severe head injuries after plunging to the basement from the second floor of Kenanga Wholesale City Mall.

Her mother was seen running down the escalator with her other child after Nurhayada fell through the gap.

The incident happened at around 3pm Friday.

The video has been shared numerously since it was first uploaded on Siakap Keli's Facebook page on 10.56pm the same day.

View the video here.

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