PRC police are investigating a shocking case of child abuse in Jiangsu’s Nanjing city.

Teachers discovered a 9 year-old boy had been abused by his educated parents when they saw fresh scars on the boy’s body last year.

A few days after the discovery of the scars, they realized that the wounds were getting more severe and the boy had began bleeding from the ears.

The boy also experienced a sudden change in personality often associated with immense psychological stress.

According to his teachers, the boy had told them that his parents had used metal water pipes or tree branches to inflict the wounds on his body, while wounds on his feet were caused by hot steam, and the injuries on his face had been caused by pencils.

The latest round of beatings came about because the mother of the boy had failed to answer his mother’s questions about a story book that he was supposed to study. This led his mother to tie him up and hit him on the back with a water pipe.

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