The Singapore Police Force said yesterday that no enforcement action was carried out during the first night when alcohol restrictions took effect island wide. A police spokesperson said that some people might not be aware of the new law initially.

“There will be a transitional period of one to two days (during which) people might not be aware of the new rule. The police will continue (to take) an advisory and educational approach to educate the public during this initial phase and monitor the situation closely.”

The situation will be assessed based on feedback from officers.

The Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Act took effect on Wednesday. Public drinking and alcohol sales is not allowed between 10.30PM and 7AM.

On the first night of the alcohol ban, police officers went to Geylang and Robertson Quay to raise public awareness of the new restrictions.

The police also said they would conduct joint patrols island wide with grassroots volunteers and dormitory operators and other community stakeholders to create awareness about the new law.

They will concentrate their efforts on liquor control areas in Geylang, Little India and other hot spots frequented by drinkers.

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